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Horse in Stable

Welcome to iCompete

Our mission is to enhance the world of Animal Registration and Competitions. A seamless and innovative software solution that provides complete end to end business capability as well as FREE results app for your members to access live scores.

What sets us apart

Innovation and User-Centric Design​

Our software stands out for its innovative features and user-centric design. We've combined state-of-the-art technology with a deep understanding of the needs of the animal community to deliver a solution that is both powerful and easy to use. From streamlined registration processes, dynamic competition management tools as well as business automation capabilities, we've thought of every detail to make your experience as a member, affiliate or association exceptional.​

Meet the Team

Meet the team behind iCompete


Effortless Registration

Simplify the registration process for your animals with our intuitive platform.

Comprehensive Profiles

Create detailed and visually appealing profiles for each animal, showcasing their pedigree and achievements.

Event Management

Plan and execute competitions seamlessly, from registration to judging, with our event management tools.

FREE “AndTheWinnerIs” APP

Scoring and Analytics

Gain insights into the performance of animals, track achievements, and make data-driven decisions

All your members can access live scores and progressive season tallys through our AndTheWinnerIs APP.

Other features include

Business Process Automation

Online Membership and competition payments

Live Electronic Judging

Integrated Video Feeds


Marketing Campaign Management

Member and Competitor Communications

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